How can we help?

At Veteran Medical, we understand the complexity and challenges that may arise during the process of managing DVA claims. DVA claims and ongoing care  can be intricate, leading to frustration and stress. Fortunately, we are here to provide a comprehensive solution, offering transparent, thorough, and tailored medical support services to veterans across Australia.


Our Commitment to You

We take pride in being your dedicated health provider, assisting with all aspects of veteran medical management. Our goal is to alleviate any unnecessary burden, ensuring a smooth process from initiation to completion. We are ready to intervene at any point where you may require assistance, keeping you and your advocate well-informed of updates and modifications.

Specialised Veteran Medical Services

Our team is highly trained and empathetic, with a deep understanding of military-related veteran medical conditions. We offer purpose-designed services to facilitate smooth and seamless access to the best veteran medical advice.

Our specialised services include, but are not limited to:

Completion and/or review of necessary documents related to:

And more.
Veteran Medical is pleased to offer the Coordinated Veterans Care (CVC) Program, a proactive care coordination service tailored for Veteran Gold Card holders with chronic health conditions and Veteran White Card holders with DVA-accepted mental health conditions. Through collaborative efforts between providers and participants, our program aims to enhance overall healthcare in a general practice setting. With ongoing care, our clinical team will check in with you roughly every 90 days, providing updates on referrals, coordinating your care, and assisting with any script requests. If you are eligible and wish to benefit from this free service available to all eligible DVA clients, please contact us and we will ensure you receive the comprehensive care you deserve.


We’re here for you and you can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.