Welcome to Veteran Medical, your trusted service in navigating the complexities of veteran medical care and DVA claims. Dedicated to serving and supporting current and former members of the Australian Defence Force, we are your one-stop facility for comprehensive and compassionate assistance.

Transitioning from military service, managing claims, clinical processes, and recovery can be challenging. At Veteran Medical, we pride ourselves on offering an empathetic approach to make your experience stress-free and supportive throughout the veteran medical health care and claims journey.


How We Can Assist You:

Veteran Medical is committed to simplifying the intricate landscape of veteran affairs. Our goal is to provide transparent, thorough, and personalized medical support services in Australia. Whether you need help with DVA claims, mental health support, psychiatric referrals, or assistance with various claims processes, we’ve got you covered.

Our Services Include:

The Importance of Specialized Veteran Medical Care Support:

Our veterans deserve healthcare providers who comprehend their unique needs and experiences. Our tailored treatment and support plans facilitate a more efficient recovery process, acknowledging the specific health issues and life experiences of our veterans.

Our Promise to You:

At Veteran Medical, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of respect and professionalism in every aspect of our services. Your healthcare needs are of utmost importance to us, and our committed team will tirelessly work to ensure you receive personalized treatment that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our Team

Our team at Veteran Medical is comprised of comprehensive and multidisciplinary health professionals, bringing together multiple experienced general practitioners, mental health nurse practitioners, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, enrolled nurses, mental health social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, dedicated administration staff, and a robust accounts team. Our team has multiple years of combined DVA claims knowledge and experience. We have established strong connections with DVA-focused audiologists, psychiatrists, specialists, and more. Our team includes individuals who are well-trained in all facets of DVA claims, with some staff members having served in the military. Each team member is specifically trained to understand the unique needs of veterans and approaches the navigation of this process with empathy and understanding. We collaborate closely with various advocacy groups to coordinate your care effectively.


We’re here for you and you can schedule an appointment online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.